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first of all I thought it was funny that as an employee we would have to pay for our own physical and our own drug test considering that we are working for the employer.

So from the beginning of this company you are in the whole working your way out just to get started.

My last one was 2,636.4 miles from new Carlisle Ohio to Kirkland Washington in yet by

the end of the month I still have not seen a paycheck, I urge anyone working for this company or has worked for this company to follow complaint with the attorney general's office and the business bureau because companies like this should no longer be in business especially for those families who are trying to put food on the table

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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My name is,Harry Klump,and I proved via IRS that whoever drove or still drives for Apollo Transfer isn't an IC. You aren't free from control from the company.

I am looking for any drivers past/present for class action lawsuit. Albert Terranova has ruined too many people including his wife and daughters. Lets put an end to this crookedness. Email me at

I will give you my number. I want to hear everyone's story.

Dallas, Texas, United States #805805

I worked for this company when Bob Fredlake was in charge in 2004, and first of all you are a contractor, as a contractor you are responsible for your own health card.I never had issue with pay, 50% sent to you as expense money, 50% sent in a check to your home. I made about 500.00 weekly plus any expense money i could save.I did get tired of riding the bus.

to Perry #951841

I am considering taking a job with Apollo as a non-cel driver. I have read the reviews and seeking advise as to my next move with this company

to Dark #978938

me too. name is keith

to Dark #1113858

Hello. So this company actually just contacted me about a driver position with them.

But I see you were looking about a year ago. Did you take the job..?

And did you like it...? Did everything that everyone said about the company really happen..?

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