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Worked for this company three weeks and no pay turned all the paper work in like i was asked. There was alot of deadhead to get the trucks plus was promised home ever weekend was kept out for t

2 weeks straight was stayed in a hotel room for two days that i would bet that i payed for just to wait on a truck that wasnt ready i advise nobody goes to work for this company they are crooks they fired a good dispatcher probably cause he got tired of what was going on there time is karma is going to get them

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Another scab company *** on it's drivers. Ever since deregulation , good truck driving jobs have all but disappeared.

I hear this from a lot of truckers. If you can, try and get a a Teamster driving job.

Companies still treat you like ***, but at least they pay you & you get great health insurance . Many of members of our synagogue have told me.

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